We want the things that are skewed, that live somewhere slightly left of reality.  We want the things that stick out, that make us laugh, that raise our hairs on end, that get under our skin and refuse to leave us alone.

All prose under 1,500 words will be considered for publication.  You may use those 1,500 words as you wish: in one story, in seven, in three, etc.  Formal experimentation welcome.  Send us lists, indices, schedules; whatever your weird brain dreams up. Attention to craft a must.  We will read year-round for two biennial issues (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter); pieces from these issues will be released every other week, accompanied by Carly Fowler’s illustrations.  We can only pay in gratitude and relentless tweeting right now, but if we win the lotto that’ll change.

Unpublished work should be sent as .doc, .docx, or .rtf attachments to skewedlitmag[at]gmail[dot]com.  Any other file type & any submission over 1,500 words will be deleted unread.  No viruses, please.  Simultaneous submissions welcome, because we’re not monsters, but you know the drill: withdraw your work immediately if it’s been accepted elsewhere.