you and me by Kenneth Levine

you squeezed me out in what you said was a horribly painful birth to strike my belly and back with a broom that was bigger than me pull my hair and shove food down my throat and tell me i am stupid stupid stupid until i was old enough to put three states between us and attend college where you rubbed your breasts against my shoulders while singing i want to make it with you pressed your hips and lips against mine and filled the room with your red black brown blonde triangles i entered with my penis tongue fingers dildos bottles cucumbers because you had this need to be filled and thought i could complete you and make you forget the father who left or the father brother uncle cousin who touched your forbidden places and other bad things when all i could do was take from you the way you took from me because i felt nothing believed in nothing was nothing and eventually i married you because that is what men do and you became round with our little girl stayed fat after she was born demanded a new car and house and became as big as the house i bought to shut you up but you divorced me anyway and took my property alimony child support and i moved into a little apartment where you visited me every other weekend a little taller than the time before and asked for and received candy toys dresses a car tuition and i needed to tell you how stupid stupid stupid you were but instead said you were smart talented pretty and kept giving as you kept taking until finally you asked me to hold on and breathe and i didn’t

Kenneth Levine’s short stories have been published or accepted for publication in New Plains Review, Anak Sastra, Thuglit, Imaginaire, Jerry Jazz Musician, an anthology entitled Fresh, and an anthology entitled Twisted. He is the winner of a Jerry Jazz Musician short story contest and the featured writer in an Anak Sastra issue

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