Angel by Clyde Liffey

shoesThe sidewalk’s slanted, no wonder I tripped, not tripped, stumbled, I recovered my balance, didn’t fall, no or little harm done, that’s no reason to laugh, the little girl laughed, I saw her brown eyes, black bangs, sweet, why’d she laugh, she’s my niece, under my charge, I’m the fun uncle, one of the fun ones, she’s more scared than amused, still why, maybe she didn’t, it could be nerves, do girls have nerves at five? We’ll go to the alley, my shoelaces are untied, I tell her I need to tie them, she can tie her own shoes, she’s wearing buckles not laces, come, I can’t leave you on the sidewalk alone like that, it’s dangerous, come, I thought I’d be more patient as I aged, now I want only climaxes, no prelims, I take her hand, yank her, come, I say, my precious, she says, my little, so cute, as if I was some dog or demon, come, I say

Clyde Liffey lives near the water.

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